Most dogs die a slow and preventable death. There are no words to describe their suffering. They cringe at the sight of humans because we have always been their enemy, their abuser. They hide from detection, they live in fear. They have never known love or affection or been given food freely.

When BARC rescues these animals their spirits are often broken. We hope the love, medication; warm blankets and a pause from the rigors of a very hostile world will mend and recover each one. Slowly they do trust and respond affectionately to humans.

Here are some of our rescue stories:


Poor Mona was a spiritless little soul suffering a life of neglect walking the streets with her two scabies infested pups. One year on Miss Mona is now one attitude filled little miss with her owner Mrs Sabana adhering to her every wish.


When both Henry and Charlie where found by Ebony, they were tiny sick little 8 week old puppies, fighting for survival. Thanks to Ebony at BARC - Charlie now lives with at her home in Ubud, with his favourite past time-racing out every morning to eat the daily offerings and hunting rats. Henry much to his disgust is currently at the refuge awaiting adoption.


Alli was found living in a rice field/ cemetery grounds where over 30 puppies on the brink of death have been found before. Alli so scared of people with a broken leg, infected open wound on her ear, clearly in pain still tried to run from rescue. One year on our sensitive and now chubby Alli is ready for adoption.


Sammi was just a puppy when he was dumped outside BARC ravished in scabies. Vocal Sammi NOW lives at BARC waiting for adoption.


Onyx was found as a pup - small, skinny and bald. She suffers from a fused jaw which inhibits her ability to eat. BARC believe she suffered this injury from being thrown at a rubbish dump. She is very happy and has learnt to cope with this disability. She is now learning to quietly bark and play with small toys. Due to her special needs, she continues be a happy and content permanent resident at BARC.


Lucky was found as a tiny flea infested 6 week old puppy. Six months on she is a picture of health thanks to BARC and awaiting adoption.

Kuat was severely malnourished affecting her ability to walk. She was slowly dying on the side of the road. Luckily Caroline found her and brought her to BARC. With time Kuat regained her mobility and spirit. This lucky girl now lives with Caroline and is one of the spoilt Bali dogs which she very much deserves!

Jerry was severely emaciated, barely surviving off rotten offering scraps at the temple where he sheltered from the heat. Jerry did have a home, but was neglected and left to fend for himself. We are not sure how much longer he would of made it on his own. Six months on he is a much healthier and happier boy.


When Ebony found Bella she popped her head out of a rubbish bin where she was looking for food. Ebony then noticed poor Bella was a mess. Her back leg was hanging off and she was dragging herself around the streets. Bella now lives happily with Ebony and gets a scratch from visitors - she cannot scratch because of her amputated leg. She is now one happy dog!


Grey was suffering a severe skin condition, like many dogs in Bali, living in constant and frustrating pain with no treatment. After a couple of months in BARCʼs care, Grey is looking much better. He is also a lot more trusting of people. He lives at BARC giving a high-five to all BARC Volunteers.

Jinx was dumped outside of BARC in a plastic bag, where Ebony saved him from being squashed by a bus. Look at Jinx now, full of fur and happily adopted!

Little Dottie was found at a rubbish dump in Denpasar, along with 16 other pups, covered in Scabies. But she managed to still wag her little tail. Dottie has now been adopted into a loving home.

Jago was found with a maggot infested wound in his neck, struggling along the streets of Bali. Now recovered, but un-adoptable due to his traumatic past, he will live out his retirement at BARC thanks to his online sponsor.

Happy, once a small sick street puppy, is now a big strong dog whom now happily lives with BARC founder Linda Buller.

We have many, many more rescue stories. We endeavor to add our rescued dogs as often as humanly possible. Please check back soon to see some of our latest recruits.