our work

A general day can consist of waking early to tend to the sick animals in our home. Presently we have 13 dogs, 4 cats, 2 kittens and 2 monkeys to feed, medicate, wash and clean up after. By mid morning I have moved onto admin, responding to emails, phone calls, enquiries, donations, adoptions and accounts. In between this I am organising kitchen staffs that are busy outside grinding bones, chopping vegetables and cooking rice to feed our 150 or so hungry mouths

Whilst I hold the reigns (or leads in this situation) at home, Ebony heads to the clinic to look after the 30 -35 dogs and cats that are quarantined for treatment for varying illnesses’. With help from Made (a core pack member) they tend to the sick and new cases that come through the doors.

We both attend to the shelter on a daily basis, checking the health of dogs and the general running of the centre, as well as meeting with visitors, and spending time with our 4 legged families. Thankfully we have Tina, our reliable dog loving vet nurse who is in charge of feed time, and ensuring everyone is getting their fair share of tucker, vitamin supplements and medications when required. She also ensures our other staff are cleaning and caring for the 200 dogs and puppies properly.

With the Help of Dina in Bali, BARC’s Charity Shop – Non Profit for Kids and Dogs in Bali is well stocked, looking beautiful and raising us some much needed funds to help pay for dog food and staff wages every day.

No one-day is the same. BARC staff can be called out to emergencies several times a week, or several times a day to various parts of the island to rescue dogs and puppies. When this happens they have to leave what they are doing immediately and head to the location. Calls can come in at any time, day or night. They are always on call and have very little time to themselves.

It is a selfless job, but one that BARC is passionate about. With the right staff we manage to get through the day with laughter, love and sometimes tears.

We have a tiny team and a tiny budget, but very big hearts and big hopes for the future!

These are the images that face BARC everyday